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    Singapore might be small, but there are plenty of interesting drives in the little red dot for a relaxing cruise around the island.

    If you think that Singapore is too tiny for a road trip, well, there’s no better time than the present to give our sunny island a chance. With over 9,000km of roads, even the most intrepid BMW driver probably hasn’t explored every single stretch of pavement in Singapore. So, why not take a cue from the increasingly popular Cruise to Nowhere and take your wheels on a relaxing cruise around Singapore over the weekend? After all, your BMW is made for long distance driving with its capacious cabin and luxurious leather-upholstered interior that will envelop you in comfort while you enjoy your island jaunt.


    To get you started, here are five unique destinations ideal for a leisurely spin. You could either drive directly to each place and take your time to explore the locality, or string them together for an epic island hop!


    Now, all you need is to get your playlist ready so you can groove to your favourite cool tunes (on BMW’s excellent Harman Kardon surround sound speakers, no less). Ready, set, road trip!


    Test your driving dexterity at the “99 turns” road

    Start at the picturesque Hort Park in the southwestern part of Singapore, where you could stretch your legs with a stroll around the garden before your drive. Then, make your way to South Buona Vista Road at the National University of Singapore to put your driving skills to the test on the famous “99 turns”, aided by BMW’s responsive and dynamic driving capabilities. For instance, the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe has partially autonomous driver assistance systems that give you support in demanding driving situations. In any case, not to worry, there are actually only 11 turns and the 40km/h speed limit means you can navigate the downhill winding road at a very comfortable pace.


    Take a trip down memory lane

    Exit at the West Coast Highway and take a scenic drive on to rustic Kranji in the northwestern corner of Singapore, where farms and countryside scenery abounds. To enjoy the old school kampong vibes, take your family for a drive down Lim Chu Kang road (start at the junction of Sungei Gedong Road). This is one of five Heritage Roads in Singapore and is lined with lush Angsana, broad-leaf Mahogany and rubber trees to evoke a tranquil atmosphere. Feeling peckish? Your fam will enjoy the opportunity to make a stopover at the popular Bollywood Veggies farm for a farm-to-table meal before exploring other farms in the area like Hay Dairies or Kok Fah Technology. Or travel just a little further northwest where you can commune with nature at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve or Kranji Reservoir Park.


    Visit Singapore’s last kampung

    As you head east via the BKE and PIE, take a detour through Rifle Range Road (off Dunearn Road) for a green sojourn through the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Continue your east-bound journey until you get to Kampong Lorong Buangkok, the last remaining kampung on Singapore island, which still has wooden houses, lush vegetation and even chickens pecking about the pathways. After that long drive, it’s time to park your car and take a walk around this idyllic neighbourhood where time has stood still. Psst, people still live here so do be respectful of their privacy as you wander around this historic slice of Singapore.


    Check out Singapore’s own “Great Ocean Road”

    Continue your eastward drive. Choice pit stops along the way include Seletar Airport, Changi Village and Coney Island - until you get to Tanah Merah Coast Road. As you cruise along this road, recreate the grand tourer experience with the 8 Series Coupe by winding down its windows and enjoying the fresh sea breeze while taking in views of the ocean. If you’re lucky, you might even spot planes taking off or landing. Remember to keep to the 70km/h speed limit here!


    Admire the glittering cityscape

    One of the best views of Singapore’s awe-inspiring skyscrapers can be seen as you drive along Bayfront Avenue in the CBD. Take a moment to admire how the sleek design of your car complements the cityscape, and embrace the fact that your BMW is truly the epitome of the modern, luxury lifestyle. If you find yourself slowly unwinding and getting lost in your thoughts, rest assured that your BMW’s Driving Assistant Professional has your back – functions such as the Steering and lane control assistant ensures maximum safety during periods of monotonous driving.


    If you prefer to take in the sights over a cuppa or a snack, drive on to Canopy Cafe (it is open to the public) at the Marina Bay Golf Course which overlooks the golf course and provides an unhindered view of the city. If you’re a member, you might even want to take the opportunity to practise your swing. Then, drive southwards till you get to the winding road up Mount Faber where your reward at the top of the hill is a birds-eye view of the coastline. Hint: For a romantic date, pack a luxe picnic in the back of your 8 Series Gran Coupe and arrive here just before sunset!

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