Car Care


With BMW Premium Car Care products.

An especially dazzling appearance for your car – and for you. Treat your BMW to high-quality BMW Premium Car Care products. All Car Care products are optimally tailored to care for the valuable materials in your vehicle and clean them gently clean while offering powerful protection. Whether interior or exterior, rims or glass – you can always rely on the stringent quality standards at BMW to provide the best results.

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Take your BMW to the spa.With BMW Premium Car Care products.
    • Glass cleaning
      Glass cleaning

      Bringing clarity where it’s needed. The diverse products for excellent care of all glass and mirrored surfaces of your BMW provide you with the right solution to solve any problem: from quick cleaning to high-quality polishing. Glass cleaning:

      • Glass cleaner
      • Glass polish
      • Silicon remover concentrate
      • Windscreen washer without antifreeze


    • Paint and wheel rim care
      Paint and wheel rim care

      BMW Premium Car Care products provide perfect results: a dazzling shine to the rims of your BMW and long-lasting protection to the painted surfaces.

      • Car shampoo
      • Wash & wax
      • Car polish
      • Hard wax with nanotechnology
      • Wheel rim cleaner


    • Interior care
      Interior care

      Care for inner beauty. These products are a spa treatment for the plastic, cloth, wood and leather in the interior.

      • Leather care set with UV protection
      • Leather cleaning foam
      • Alcantara and upholstery cleaner
      • Interior cleaner
      • Plastic care emulsion
      • Cockpit spray
      • Impregnating agent for upholstery and carpets


    • Special products
      Special products

      Special products for diverse purposes. These helpers ensure resin on the paint finish or insects on the windscreen are no longer a problem.

      • Tyre shine
      • Rubber care


    • Convertible and Roadster care
      Convertible and Roadster care

      Whether it’s effective impregnation or intensive cleaning: these products protect the soft top of your BMW from the elements.

      • Soft top cleaner
      • Soft top impregnating agent


    • Care Accessories
      Care Accessories

      Discover the perfect way to make the most of your BMW Premium Car Care products.

      • Car chamois
      • Microfibre cloth, exterior
      • Microfibre cloth, interior
      • Polishing cloth
      • Rim brush
      • Watertight folding bucket


    • Interior Fragrances
      Interior Fragrances

      Redefine your drive with joy in the air and create the perfect atmosphere of well-being and comfort on every journey.

      • Ambient Air Fragrances*
      • Natural Air Interior Fragrance Kit


      *Only available on selected car models, including BMW 5 Series, BMW 7 Series, BMW X3, BMW X4, BMW X5, BMW X6 and BMW X7.