The BMW Singapore Company 2021 News.

    DECEMBER 2021

    BMW iX3

    18.12.2021 - BMW iX3: Electrifying Everyday Appeal.

    The BMW iX3 combines everyday usability with driving fun. The similarities that it shares with the rest of the BMW X3 range lend a familiarity that provides confidence, especially for first-time EV owners.

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    BMW M4 Competition

    22.12.2021 - An M-Four The History Books : 2021 BMW G82 M4 Competition.

    The BMW M3 and M4 have had a long and storied history, with deep-seated roots stemming from the brand’s exploits in DTM and touring car championships. The latest coupe is the culmination of BMW M’s pursuit of performance, and it is still very much the performance coupe that has set the industry standard since it first came out in the eighties.

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    BMW iX3

    30.12.2021 - BMW iX3 EV Food Trail In 4k.

    How can the latest EVs help us rediscover Singapore’s rich and diverse food heritage? Sheldon Trollope of futr drove the recently updated BMW iX3 to a few charging stations with some nearby iconic eateries.

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    NOVEMBER 2021

    BMW 1 Series

    01.11.2021 - BMW 116i Luxury: Small in size, Big on features (TopGear Singapore).

    The BMW 116i may be small in size, but big on features just like our Little Red Dot.

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    BMW 3 Series & BMW 7 Series

    30.11.2021 - Guardians Of The 3-Boxed German Galaxy.

    Amidst the confident strides BMW has taken with its SUVs, the BMW 3 Series and BMW 7 Series demonstrate why the German marque produces arguably the best luxury sedans.

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    OCTOBER 2021

    BMW 5 Series & BMW M5

    04.10.2021 - 5 for fighting: two different owners with two distinct expectations (sgCarMart).

    Where the BMW 5 Series excels in luxurious comfort and quality, the BMW M5 Competition bleeds performance and excitement.

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    BMW M3 Competition

    18.10.2021 - M: Living With More Than Just A Fast Car (sgCarMart).

    With its ample functionality, inimitable dynamic capability, and undeniable heritage, the BMW M3 Competition proves that it's more than just a fast car.

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    BMW 4 Series Convertible

    20.10.2021 - 4 surprising things about the all-new BMW 4 Series Convertible (Ignition TV).

    Convertibles deliver a driving experience that fixed roof cars simply can’t match. However, what may be less obvious is how a convertible can also be surprisingly practical. This video explains at least 4 ways that driving a convertible in sunny Singapore can make sense.

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    BMW 7 Series

    25.10.2021 - Boss Lady & her BMW 745Le xDrive (TopGear Singapore).

    The BMW 745Le xDrive is fit for being driven in, or even better, being driven by a sophisticated and respected female executive.

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    BMW iX3

    30.10.2021 - BMW iX3: The Hero Of The X3 Range.

    The BMW iX3 is the most compelling BMW X3 model you can buy today thanks to its impressive performance, equipment, and versatility.

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    SEPTEMBER 2021

    BMW X1

    22.09.2021 - BMW Flow: The clever car financing option (CarBuyer Singapore).

    When you want to drive a BMW, but with less outlay than buying one out right, there's BMW Flow - a smart financing option that doesn't tie up your personal cashflow.

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    AUGUST 2021

    BMW M3 & BMW M4

    30.08.2021 - Singapore motorsport legends with the BMW M3 Competition & BMW M4 Competition (Ignition TV).

    Join Ignition TV on a tour of Singapore's most legendary racing venues, led by Singapore motorsport icons Leslie Chang (the only Singaporean to compete in the World Rally Championship) and William Lyou (winner of the 1973 Singapore Grand Prix), as they explore Old Upper Thompson Road and South Buona Vista Road in the BMW M3 Competition and BMW M4 Competition.

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    BMW X4 M40i

    03.08.2021 - A Trip To The Dog Park In A BMW X4 M40i (TopGear Singapore).

    Taking a trip to the dog park in a BMW X4 M40i. Can BMW's Sports Activity Coupe live up to the task?

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    Interview: BMW M340i xDrive customer in SG

    02.08.2021 - Why this BMW fanatic switched from petrol to electric - with a BMW iX3! (CarBuyer Singapore).

    BMW drivers love power, but why would you go from an inline straight six with 380-plus horsepower electric motor? Serial BMW owner and enthusiast Kelvin Chan from Singapore will be switching from a BMW M340i xDrive to the fully electric BMW iX3 this year. He explains here, in his own words, why!

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    JULY 2021

    BMW X1 & BMW X2

    20.07.2021 - Looking to get a compact SUV? BMW has got you covered (sgCarMart).

    The BMW X range offers a wide variety of vehicles to choose from. However, if you are looking for a compact SUV, you cannot go wrong with the BMW X1 or BMW X2.

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    JUNE 2021

    BMW 116i, BMW 218i Gran Coupe & BMW 318i

    30.06.2021 - 3 Guys, 3 Different BMWs - How Do They Make Their Pick?

    Three very different men of different ages decide on their favourite BMWs to suit their backgrounds and lifestyles. What are the BMWs that they've picked?

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    MAY 2021

    Interview: BMW M2 CS customer in SG

    17.05.2021 - A Singaporean Car Enthusiast Explains His Love For BMW M.

    Singaporean car enthusiast Benjamin Goh owns not one, but two very special cars from BMW M: The M2 CS, and the M4 CS. Here he talks about his passion for BMW M, how it first came about, why six is the magic number, and why he'll probably never sell his BMW M cars.

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    APRIL 2021

    Interview: BMW Group Asia MD in SG

    14.04.2021 - How Singapore became BMWs top market worldwide: We ask BMW Asia's top guy.

    In 2020, BMW was the top selling premium brand and the number two car brand in Singapore by official sales. CarBuyer spoke to Christopher Wehner, Managing Director, BMW Group Asia, on effective crisis management, adaptability, the importance of taking fast action and more.

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    MARCH 2021

    BMW 5 Series

    09.03.2021 - BMW 5 Series review: The best executive saloon you can buy in Singapore.

    The BMW 5 Series. Just its name alone should conjure up images of a stately saloon with all the trappings of a luxury car, but still with the beating heart of an athlete underneath. It’s precisely this finely-tuned blend of refinement and sportiness that has won over some nine million buyers since the first-generation model made its debut in 1972, and gone onto become a brand-defining model for BMW.

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    BMW 4 Series Coupe & BMW 5 Series

    05.03.2021 - Adrian Ong and Michelle Eng test-drive the BMW 530i M Sport and BMW 430i Coupe M Sport Pro.

    A couple of the latest BMW models and a couple who loves driving – the ideal combination for a zippy double date. Tony Tan cruises through town with petrolheads Adrian Ong and Michelle Eng in two sporty sprint machines.

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    JANUARY 2021

    What To See At BMW World Singapore 2021

    22.01.2021 - What To See At BMW World Singapore 2021.

    Derryn and Ju-Len from CarBuyer were on the scene at #BMWWorldSG to show their viewers the highlights from BMW's mini-motorshow and brand extravaganza.

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