MARCH 2022

BMW 3 Series

07.03.2022 - The BMW 3 Series, All The Car You’ll Ever Need?

Sharp, sporty and luxurious. TopGear Singapore finds out why the BMW 318i is a class act, and the only car a young executive could ever need.

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02.03.2022 - The Next Frontier for the Auto Industry — Building Fully Recyclable Electric Cars.

Cutting tailpipe emissions still matters. But as electric vehicle adoption moves towards a tipping point, some car makers are looking at a different decarbonisation strategy. They want to use as many reusable raw materials as possible in their designs.

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Contactless Services

01.03.2022 - Contactless Convenience At Your Fingertips.

BMW's suite of contactless services give you more time to spend on what really matters: the pursuit of joy.

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BMW M4 Competition

21.01.2022 - BMW M4 Competition: An M-Four The History Books.

It’s quite amazing to see how the BMW M4 has evolved through the ages. What started out as a homologation special is now a track-ready performance coupe for the masses. And it is blisteringly quick.

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BMW M3 Competition & BMW M340i xDrive

14.01.2022 - BMW M3 Competition Versus BMW M340i xDrive: Performance or Price?

Why is the BMW 3 Series so much fun to drive? CarBuyer Singapore has a debate on the merits of the BMW M3 Competition and the BMW M340i xDrive as they relate to the roads of Singapore.

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BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe

07.01.2022 - (M-) Performance: Not Just For The Bonafide Track Stars.

Is there a perfect middle ground between blistering performance for the track, and for day-to-day use? BMW's M Division says yes, with the M Performance range.

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